Zen Acting

Zen Acting was created by Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen” in 2005 for his daughter Caitlin.

She was pursuing an acting career and Richard wanted to help her be a great actress and– help her be a happy person.

Since then, the ActZen.com website has provided dozens of pages of self-help instructions.

In 2007 The Coyote of American Zen produced a podcast series, “Coyote Radio,” in which he read and followed the instructions of every website page.  The audience participated or vicariously watched ‘The Coyote’ become ‘The Hippy Coyote’ as he entertained with stories of his actual life and family…

In 2018 the ActZen.com website has been coverted from an HTML website to a WordPress website.  For easier access and phone reading, the entire original website will be updated into an EBOOK / PDF that can be viewed on any device.  Put our Act Zen Acting class in your pocket.

Even if you are only interested in acting, you should read the ‘Zen Directing’ lessons also.  When you understand what the director wants, you can be the actor they are requesting, easier.

Zen is seeing from as many perspectives as possible.  Choose the right perspective and you are Zen acting.