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2nd Draft: Act Zen to Be Zen BOOK is Being Tested

Calligraphy, ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN, by Buddha Zhen

I was pleased with the first draft of the book, Act Zen to Be Zen.  The website edition of this book was added to with a few more acting insights and maturity of having trained many students since then and worked in television again.

Mostly, I added lines to promote the reader’s ambition to answer the questions and look at their answers… about themselves.

The book only works if you make the lists, then take the qualities you choose to create your characters and identities.

I’m excited to get some feedback about this new version of the Act Zen to Be Zen book.

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I am liking this website

White mug with Shaolin stupa logo and
Half-full or half-empty?

The original website took a long time to build.

The old style of HTML web pages to “surf” through… are not desired anymore.  People spend more time online, but less time reading?

Getting people to write the questions and answers to the self-help website was a high expectation.  I’m not sure many people got out paper and pen when they followed my journey through the website. 

So I wasn’t sure where I was going when I got here to rebuild this website in WordPress instead of Dreamweaver.  I stopped using my business name of Shaolin Digital because I wasn’t keeping up with modern technology.

So now, Shaolin Digital will be contemporary as a WordPress website builder.  

Shaolin Communications is the parent company of Shaolin Digital.  Shaolin Digital will remodel all but a few of these Shaolin Communications websites.  Just for the historical old-fashioned website value?  Give us your feedback. We are going to leave a few websites in the HTML and CSS construction.  I will share the links soon.  

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Shaolin Digital is Building Another WordPress Website

Shaolin Communications logo from 1984 by Richard Del Connor

Shaolin Digital is converting this website from HTML to WordPress.

I am Shaolin Digital.  Anyone know who I am?  (page about Richard Del Connor)

We were comfortable using Dreamweaver for over a decade… but it was not developed for cell phones. I studied the coding to convert and create my own cell phone modifications… but decided to use WordPress.

Some people have suggested WIX, but from what little I know, I think I’m more in control of the website with WordPress.  Of course, WordPress is more difficult that traditional HTML coding.  Building tables… and deciding on padding and backgrounds in tables… is very easy.

I’m figuring out all the plugins and widgets I need to actually build in WordPress what I could instantly build in Dreamweaver.  I’ll figure it out.  But don’t even think about hiring me for your website!  I’ve got too many of my own websites to manage.