Act Zen to be Zen calligraphy by Buddha Zhen

Get Zen – THE BOOK: Act Zen

Calligraphy, ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN, by Buddha Zhen





Zen Buddhism is about how to live better.

Zen Acting is what you are already doing.

When you can control your “Zen” you can control your acting.

What is “Zen” and when are you not acting?

Your Zen is your reality.  If you live in a world of fear, you probably act scared.

Change your reality, or your relationship with reality… and you change your world.

Let’s work together and change your world into something better.  Everything is always changing, so let’s control some changes to better suit your ambitions and the future you are building.

Do the WORK of reading this book and FILLING IN THE BLANKS. 

Lazy Zen = Lazy Actor.  Hard-working Zen = Hard-working Actor.

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