Acting Is

That is a fun question.  If you don’t have a fun answer… you are probably not a satisfied actor.  Definitely not a happy actor.

As a profession, it requires training, no matter how much talent you may have.  Working in professional situations to make a professional product requires professional acting.

A director has a job to do.  It is up to the actor to help him get that job done.  Make sure you are the right actor for the role.  If it calls for a woman and you are a man…

The big, big, big directors all state that, “Casting is 90% of directing.”  I hope it’s a lot less than that or producers will just let the talent direct themselves…

But most directors are not good fathers.  A director is a father.  Not a younger sister.  A director has to take charge, take control, and take your best performance.  As I said, most directors are not good fathers.  I can say that even blindly because so few people in the world are good fathers.  The stature of fathers has declined to the point where millennial directors always portray them as foolish, stupid, incompetent, washed up or evil.  Milennials are raised by their mothers so they are always killing off the fathers in their movies.  ALWAYS.  Yeah, I’m actually pissed off at the decline of morality and integrity of our new culture.  But that’s why I’m here to direct and help today’s generation stop deteriorating into the darkness of atheism and ‘we’re all one’ hippie logic.  Yeah, I was one of those hippies espousing free love, no marriage, equality of the races, equality of the sexes, until my generation and the several generations behind us destroyed family structure in America.

A father runs a family.  A director runs a set.

A wife obeys the father.  The 1st Assistant Director obeys the director.

The children obey the mother.  The actors obey the 1st A.D.

If any of this upset you, you shouldn’t be an actor.  An actor must be able to envision and portray many different lifestyles.  An actor will have to be a murderer, even if you aren’t a murderer.  If imagining anything upsets you–you have issues.  Don’t bring them to the set…

If you have sexist issues, sheesh.  Men used to have to work as females in plays and women have had to put on a mustash or shwish a rapier.

For any emoes (that’s what they’re called now I think) out there, this website may be the best psychotherapy you could ever buy to improve your life and have some success in whatever you do.  We might say that an emo person is a bad ‘Zen Actor’ because being emotional is bad zen.  We all vibrate with emotions, feelings and intentions.  Make sure your vibes are valuable to others.