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About ActZen

This website contains the following pages to kick-start your Zen:

    1. Richard Del Connor in a reflective pose.The Thinker

     Understand what ZEN is.
    a.  actZen.com/zen_is

  1. Understand what ACTING is.
    a.  actZen.com/acting_is
  2. Understand what ZEN ACTING is.
    a.  actZen.com/zen_acting
  3. Understand HOW to deconstruct your identity.
    a.  actZen.com/identity
  4. Understand YOU are in control of your identity.
    a.  actZen.com/you
  5. DECIDE who you want to be.
    a.  actZen.com/your_decisions
  6. COMPLETE the ActZen PDF workbook.
    a.  actZen.com/get_zen
  7. BECOME who you have decided to be.
    a.  actZen.com/be_zen