Richard Del Connor, publisher.

Act Zen to Be Zen by Richard Del Connor Needs Book Reviews


Richard Del Connor, publisher.
Publisher of Shaolin Communications, Richard Del Connor, 2018.

Richard Del Connor is the publisher of Shaolin Communications which will publish the self-help book for actors titled, Act Zen to Be Zen, on April 8, 2019.  April 8 is the celebrated birthday of the original Buddha in India 2,500 years ago.  Since this book incorporates the Buddhist and Zen Buddhist philosophies of Richard Del Connor, this seems appropriate.

Shaolin Communications seeks a book reviews for the foreword of the book, Act Zen to Be Zen.  Those review received too late for the publication in April 8, 2019, may be useful for the book’s website at,, or as promotion for the book sales pages.  We will inform you of how your review will be used and send you links or copies of the book promotion.

Please contact Richard Del Connor if you are interested in writing a review for the book, Act Zen to Be Zen.

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