Act Zen to be Zen calligraphy by Buddha Zhen

Act Zen to Be Zen book Needs Book Cover Artist

Shaolin Communications founder and publisher, Richard Del Connor.
Publisher, Richard Del Connor

Hello many friends out there.  Are any of you inspired to design a book cover for ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN by Richard Del Connor “Buddha Zhen?”

Let me know.  I’m still not inspired with a good design for this book yet.

I like my last book cover design for MASONIC KUNG FU novel by Richard Del Connor (me).  I’m going to tighten it up a little for the next printing of the paperback.  I will make the text smaller on the back cover and the Masonic logo smaller on the cover.  Otherwise, I’m proud of that one.

Hmmm.  I’m tempted to use acting symbols even though, to me… this book is for everyone.

Yeah.  Thinking like a publisher, I should stick to targeting actors with this book.  Eventually, college kids will discover the ACT ZEN book.  Then, high school kids will hear about the ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN book…  Then Oprah… Then…

But first we need a book cover for: Act Zen to Be Zen by Richard Del Connor.

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