Calligraphy, ACT ZEN TO BE ZEN, by Buddha Zhen

Ready to Start Final Draft of Act Zen to Be Zen Self-help BOOK

         Richard Del Connor August 2018I’m waiting for a couple proofreaders to finish editing the 2nd draft of Act Zen to Be Zen book.

I’ve been asking questions to my proofreaders.  It seems that the “Act Zen Process” of psychoanalyzing yourself is producing ‘parental appreciation.’  Although the book has been more of an exorcism for me, for others with loving parents–the Act Zen book brings out the wonderful memories they have of their parents.  They remember more of the life changing incidents that represent patterns of thinking that still function well, or are the basis for other lifestyle activities, or reactions, or motivations or…

This pleases me to see to benefits from my book I did not fully anticipate.

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