Act Zen to be Zen calligraphy by Buddha Zhen

Section 1: page 2 – The Beginning of YOU


page 2:  The Beginning of YOU  

Acting = Unnatural
    Good Acting = Imitation
        Great Acting = Acting Naturally

Act Zen to Be Zen


Everything around us is a discovery — even if you’ve seen it before.

When you watch a movie for the second time — you discover knew things, and dialogue you missed before.

Discovering requires more than looking.

Discovering requires SEEING.

In order to ‘see’ you must have a clear mind otherwise you will ‘color’ everything you see.

When you look at someone, you see them from the front.

However, someone else may see them from behind and get an entirely different opinion based upon their different view — of the same person.

Another person, standing farther away, may only make out their relative size and male or female.

But, when you look closely into someone’s face, do you see them the way they see their self?

Our goal is to UNCLOUD your vision and CLEAR your mind — so you can see you — clearly.

Then, after we have created a NEW YOU, your improved ‘seeing’ will enable you to ‘see’ other people more clearly and understand who they are and why they are who they are…


Chinese Chop Signature Stamp of Master Zhen
Buddha Zhen


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