Shaolin Digital is Building Another WordPress Website

Shaolin Communications logo from 1984 by Richard Del Connor

Shaolin Digital is converting this website from HTML to WordPress.

I am Shaolin Digital.  Anyone know who I am?  (page about Richard Del Connor)

We were comfortable using Dreamweaver for over a decade… but it was not developed for cell phones. I studied the coding to convert and create my own cell phone modifications… but decided to use WordPress.

Some people have suggested WIX, but from what little I know, I think I’m more in control of the website with WordPress.  Of course, WordPress is more difficult that traditional HTML coding.  Building tables… and deciding on padding and backgrounds in tables… is very easy.

I’m figuring out all the plugins and widgets I need to actually build in WordPress what I could instantly build in Dreamweaver.  I’ll figure it out.  But don’t even think about hiring me for your website!  I’ve got too many of my own websites to manage.

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