Happy Buddha


Buddha Zhen doing Tai Chi with his daughter, Zhen Ming-Mou.
Buddha Zhen with daughter at YMCA class.

Welcome to ActZen.com

This website was built by Richard Del Connor for his daughter when she began acting as a teenager.  As a veteran of the Hollywood movie business, Richard was aware of the pitfalls of acting careers.  So he built this website based on several principles:

  • Help to psychoanalyze yourself

    • to understand who you are now
      • why you are you
      • whether you are content with you and the way others perceive you
      • what needs to change in your behavior
      • what needs to improve in your thinking and being
      • what needs to be removed from your identity


  • Help to reconstruct yourself

    • to be the you that you want and need to be
      • as a social person in daily life
      • as a professional person in business life
      • as a family person with children and spouse
      • as AN ACTOR creating a role that is believable
      • as AN ACTOR undoing his role and RECREATING PERSONAL SELF again.


  • Help to be as happy and productive in your life as possible

    • by understanding your identity, personality and character
    • by determining what aspects of your past will continue into your future
    • adding to yourself the qualities you’ve decided are right and best for you.